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To find out if you are on the Voter’s List, you may contact 311 or Alternate (519) 255-2489 or email

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Section 1: Applicant Information

Date of Birth must be between 01/01/1910 and 10/22/2000

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NOTE: For applicants living in an apartment or condominium, please continue typing your address until your unit shows up.

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Section 2: Declaration

I, , hereby declare that I am a Canadian citizen, that I have attained the age of eighteen (18) on or before Voting Day, am a resident or the owner or tenant of land or the spouse of such owner or tenant of land in the City of Windsor, and that on Voting Day, I am entitled to be an elector in accordance with the facts or information submitted on this form, and that I understand the effect thereof. I hereby apply to have my name included or amendments made on the Voters’ List in accordance with such facts or information. I also declare that I am not prohibited from voting under subsection 17(3) of the Municipal Elections Act, or otherwise by law.
I Agree. By clicking "I Agree" you certify that the information you provide is true and accurate. It is a punishable offence under the Municipal Elections Act to provide false or misleading information, or to attempt to provide false or misleading information, and the City of Windsor reserves the right to share information with law enforcement authorities when suspicious activity is detected or fraud is suspected.

Personal Information is collected under section 12, 23, 24 and 25 of the Municipal Elections Act. This personal information is being used for the purpose of updating your electoral information on the Official 2018 City of Windsor voters' list. Questions about this collection made be directed to the Manager of Records and Elections, Freedom of Information Coordinator, 350 City Hall Square West, N9A 6S1, Tel. 311.